Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Hello and welcome to the new Sureskank blog/site.

Sureskank was established in September 2006 at Cosies in Bristol, with the concept of wanting to skank, and the need to party!
In 2007 we took the night to Brighton with the idea of showcasing some of the Bristol talent that wasn't getting exposed there. The night continued in both cities until the end of 2008 where we decided to focus the night soley on Bristol. We took a resident home at the legendary club The Tube which is where we built of a following of some the friendliest but hard skanking people! Unfortunately The Tube shut in December 2009, but we didn't leave without a bang, our last night was literally road block and many a memories have been made from that venue!
We are now coming up to our 4th Birthday in which time we have showcased and debut many a talent from across the globe. We now reside at the stunning new underground venue, Crash Mansion. This blog/site will be an output for the artists involved in the night and also a way to keep up to date with the going on's with the Sureskank family!

Sureskank is:
Gemmy / Superisk / Kahn / B-LAM / Neek / Beavis / Gorgan Sound / Tokin' Mandem / El-Kid / Sparkerboi

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you skanking hard at the front!


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